Off-duty firefighter saves boy from choking in Leominster

LEOMINSTER (WHDH) - Off-duty firefighter Scott LaPrade was captured in a touching moment shaking hands with a boy whose life he saved just moments earlier.

LaPrade, who is also a freelance photographer, was taking photos for the Fitchburg Sentinel & Enterprise of a relay race at a track meet when he saw a boy gasping for air.

LaPrade went up to the boy and asked if he was choking. The boy, unable to respond after reportedly swallowing a bottle cap, had his hands around his neck.

Fortunately, the firefighter knew just what to do.

After getting behind the victim and giving him three quick thrusts to the stomach, the bottle cap quickly came loose from the boy’s throat.

That’s when the boy turned around and gave him a high five and handshake — a moment captured on camera by another photographer.

Despite his heroic deed, LaPrade says he’s not a hero — just a well-trained person in the right place at the right time.

To hear more about this incredible story, check out the video above.


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