Officer suspended after explosives found at home

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (WHDH) — Grenades and other explosives were discovered in a Boston police officer's home in Plymouth. The police officer was in court Friday facing charges after being arrested at the Plymouth Police Station.

Boston Police Officer Kirk Merricks did not comment about charges of possessing of military explosives and receiving stolen property. Police told neighbors to stay inside while they removed containers of explosives from Merricks’ Plymouth home.

“This is extremely volatile TNT, this is aged TNT. There was a possibility that it had a degraded and very destructive and could explode any point,” said Matt Ghiloni, prosecutor.

Among the weapons recovered: four sticks of dynamite, four hand grenades, various rounds of ammunition, blasting caps and detonating chords, and fuses with igniters. Police were called by Merricks’ wife who found the explosives while cleaning out her husband’s things. The two are in the process of divorce.

After retrieving the explosives, Plymouth contacted Boston Police and called Merricks in where he was arrested.

Merricks’ attorney said his client served in the Gulf War and the war in Afghanistan and was discharged honorably. He said the explosives could belong to his son who is also in the military and he questioned Mrs. Merricks’ motive in calling police.

“The wife had to have some knowledge that there were explosives in there and that she waited a week to call police,” said Eric Goldman, defense attorney.

Police said it is illegal for military explosives to be in the hands of civilians and which is why they are considered stolen. Officer Merricks was released on $1,000 cash bail and suspended from his job with the Boston Police Department and ordered to turn in his badge and gun.