SALEM, N.H. (WHDH) - A massive pile of trash stacked behind a Salem, New Hampshire house that is busting down fences and littering neighbors’ yards has become a public health hazard, according to town officials.

The homeowner started a recycling business about a year ago and began stockpiling printers.

The giant trash pile has since become a home for rodents, leaving many neighbors upset.

“So our property line is the tree line here, and sometimes the stuff just creeps over our property,” said impacted neighbor Nicole Callahan. “We kick it back over. I hate it. I’m sick of looking at it.”

The town says the man failed to comply with an order to clean up the mess and now they’re taking him to court.

“Unfortunately, he didn’t dispose of the rest, and now we’re stuck with a piece of property that has close to 2,000 boxes of printers in it,” Salem Health Officer Brian Lockard said.

Callahan says she’s worried about her kids playing outside.

“My concern is whatever is living over there at this point is going to migrate over to my yard, whether it’s snakes or rats, and be a concern for my kids and their safety,” she said.

Lockard says he expects to handle the situation in court.

“The judge will issue an order and injunction. That will give us the authority to go onto the property, clean it up, and then we’ll probably put a lien on the property,” he said.

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