Officials: Thousands in undeclared cash found sewn into woman’s underwear at Logan Airport

BOSTON (WHDH) - Authorities seized nearly $5,000 in undeclared cash after it was found sewn into a pair underwear that belonged to a woman arriving at Boston’s Logan Airport last week, officials said.

A 63-year-old Indonesian woman exiting a flight from Doha, Qatar, with her husband told officers they had about $12,000 but a patdown and search of possessions yielded an additional $4,900, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

The undeclared cash was sewn into the woman’s underwear and an additional $20,000 in US currency, along with $2,000 in Canadian currency, was found in the couple’s possession, officials said.

“This situation is a reminder that passengers should be forthcoming with our Officers,” Area Port Director Linda Brown said. “CBP Officers are highly skilled individuals and are committed to enforcing the laws of the United States at all our ports of entry.”

The money will not be returned to the couple because, under federal law, all monetary instruments totaling $10,000 or greater must be documented on a U.S. Treasury Department financial form.

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