Ohio parents upset after video shows teacher shoving their son

SHELBY, Ohio (WHDH) — An Ohio gym teacher was seen on camera shoving a third-grader to the ground and now the boy’s parents are saying the school is not taking the incident seriously.

The video shows a door opening into a school hallway and the 9-year-old boy is pushed out, hitting the ground and sliding across the floor. Another boy is pushed but does not hit the floor.

According to a Facebook post from another parent, the two boys complained during gym class that a basketball drill was boring. Gym teacher Bob Delauder then allegedly told the boys to go to the office for a time out and pushed the two of them.

The first boy’s father, Jeff, said he only found out about it from the Facebook post. The parent who made the post said their daughter did not want to go to gym class anymore because she was scared after seeing what happened to the boys.

Jeff claimed the school would not show him and his wife the video. He said they finally got to see it after getting the police involved but only one of the two views available. Jeff said they saw the second view after a local news station aired it.

Shelby, Ohio’s law director reviewed the case and declined prosecution, leaving discipline to the school. Delauder has been put on paid administrative leave. Shelby’s school district also released a statement, saying the district “…takes the issue of student safety very seriously and would not minimize in any manner any safey issue involving a student.

The boy’s parents said they do not want to see Delauder fired but want to make sure this does not happen again.

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