O.J. Simpson shares thoughts on Tom Brady’s future, suggests possible replacement if deal isn’t reached

FOXBOROUGH, MASS. (WHDH) - Former NFL running back Orenthal James Simpson thinks Tom Brady will return to the New England Patriots next season.

In a video shared on Twitter, Simpson said, “I think he will come back. I think it will be with the Patriots maybe for one more year for sure.”

Simpson believes Brady is a perfect fit in New England because the team already has an offensive system in place that fits his particular skillset.

“Brady doesn’t throw the long ball like he used to. To me, that’s why he won’t go to another team,” Simpson said. “All the good teams that have a type of offensive line that can protect him already have good quarterbacks in place right now.”

Simpson also suggested that a Rob Gronkowski return would be beneficial for Brady, in addition to the development of N’Keal Harry.

If the Patriots are unable to sign Brady, Simpson says Teddy Bridgewater would be an ideal replacement due to his ability to throw from the pocket.

“A guy who can throw from that pocket,” Simpson said of Bridgewater. “He has proven he can win in the NFL. Short of that, you can’t even name the backup quarterbacks in New England.”

Brady becomes a free agent in March.

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