DEDHAM, MASS. (WHDH) - Testimony resumed in the Karen Read murder trial Wednesday, with several of John O’Keefe’s friends taking the witness stand.

One friend, Michael Camerano, testified throughout much of the morning and remained on the stand while prosecutors showed surveillance video taken at a bar hours before O’Keefe died. Camerano’s wife testified later in the day and was followed by another friend. Together, witnesses described Read’s relationship with O’Keefe and recalled a night spent drinking with the pair before O’Keefe’s body was found.

Prosecutors have said Read, 44, of Mansfield killed her O’Keefe with her car and left him to die in a snowbank in January, 2022 after an argument.

Read and O’Keefe, a Boston police officer, were dating at the time.

Read has pleaded not guilty to charges including second degree murder and her defense has said she is being framed. 

Prosecutors show dash cam video, defense not concerned

Several Canton police officers testified in the case on Tuesday. 

Canton police Lt. Charles Rae was the last witness to begin testimony shortly before court proceedings ended for the day. During questioning, Assistant District Attorney Adam Lally showed jurors dash cam video from Rae’s cruiser that showed Read’s car parked in O’Keefe’s driveway hours after O’Keefe was found unresponsive in Canton. 

O’Keefe had been caring for his niece and nephew when he died. While the police investigation got underway, Rae said he drove to the O’Keefe home to check on the children, who police believed might be alone and unsupervised. Rae said the children were not at the house and he left after roughly five minutes.

In Rae’s dash cam video, Read’s car’s right rear tail light appeared to have some damage. 

Prosecutors said they believe the video will help convince the jury Read’s tail light was broken when she backed into O’Keefe, rather than when police broke it to plant evidence and frame her, as her defense claims. 

Outside Norfolk Superior Court Tuesday, attorney Alan Jackson told 7NEWS the video will not be a problem for the defense. 

“We’ve always known it was cracked,” he said of the tail light.

Rae returned to the stand Wednesday morning and Lally continued questioning.

Lally finished his questions near 9:30 a.m. After the defense declined to cross examine Rae, he stepped down and prosecutors called their next witness. 

Jurors hear O’Keefe friends’ testimony, bar surveillance video shown

Listed as a civilian witness, Michael Camerano was sworn in after a series of side bar discussions. 

A father of two, he said his children played with O’Keefe’s niece and nephew, who came into O’Keefe’s care after their parents died. Camerano lived close to O’Keefe and spent time with him at a bar called CF McCarthy’s hours before O’Keefe was found in the snow.

Jurors saw texts between O’Keefe and Camerano. Jurors then saw video of O’Keefe and Camerano at the bar. The video also showed Read arriving and interacting with O’Keefe. O’Keefe is seen wearing a hoodie and no winter coat, despite an ongoing winter storm outside. In their interactions, Read is seen kissing O’Keefe before O’Keefe rubs her back. Read then orders a drink.

Camerano said he eventually left Read and O’Keefe at the bar and went home. On cross examination, he said he did not see the couple bicker. Rather, he said their relationship seemed normal and caring.

Katherine Camerano, Michael’s wife, testified after her husband.

Katherine said her daughter, now 16, knew O’Keefe’s niece after they first met while playing youth soccer. She described her family’s relationship with O’Keefe and Read, saying their children would periodically sleep over at eachother’s houses.

On the morning O’Keefe died, Katherine said Read called her at work near 4 a.m. screaming “Where’s Mike? Where’s Mike?” Later texting with Read, Katherine said she received one text that simply said “He’s dead.”

Camerano finished testifying near 12 p.m. and the prosecution called Kurt Roberts, another friend of John O’Keefe, as its next witness.

Roberts’ wife, Kerry, was with Read when they found O’Keefe’s body. Roberts said he was also having drinks with O’Keefe and Michael Camerano the previous night.

Roberts said he briefly interacted with Read at the bar, probably just to say goodbye. He said Read did not seem drunk and said he saw no sign of trouble.

Witnesses describe interactions at second bar

Prosecutors said Read, O’Keefe, Roberts and Michael Camerano were initially at CF McCarthy’s on Washington Street in Canton the night before O’Keefe was found in the snow.

Later, prosecutors said, the couple moved to Waterfall Bar & Grill.

Rebecca Trayers was a bartender at Waterfall and took the stand as the prosecution’s 20th witness.

Nicholas Kolokithas followed Trayers as the next witness, beginning his testimony near 2:30 p.m. Kolokithas was at the Waterfall Bar & Grille the night O’Keefe died. He said he was with O’Keefe and Read and did not see the pair arguing.

The prosecution showed surveillance video from the Waterfall before finishing its questioning of Kolokithas near 3 p.m.

Kolokithas’ wife, Karina, took the stand as Wednesday’s final witness before court proceedings ended for the day.

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