TULSA, Ok. (WHDH)– An Oklahoma anchor is counting her blessings after suffering a stroke while live on air.

Julie Chin had a stroke in the middle of the morning newscast over the weekend.

“The words would not come out of my mouth,” Chin said later of the experience. “They were right in front of me and I knew what I was reading, but they just weren’t coming.”

Chin first started having vision problems, but once she began having speaking issues, she texted her husband for help in a garbled message.

“I need help. Something is not Run today. My work won’t work is working my help my” she texted to him Saturday morning.

Soon after, her arm and hand began to go numb, which is a common stroke symptom.

Back on air, the station’s meteorologist said other employees sprang into action to help once they realized what was happening.

“We needed to get off air,” said meteorologist Ann Brown. “We needed to make sure that Julie was getting the attention that she needed and the help that she needed.”

Chin was rushed to the hospital where doctors determined the on-air episode was the beginning of a stroke.

“Everything came out great,” she said of the tests she received at the hospital. “They didn’t see anything major that was scary to them, but the bad news is that we don’t know why it happened and if it could happen again.”

Chin is resting up before returning to work, and said that going forward, she plans to spread awareness about stroke symptoms to help others.

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