NASHUA, N.H (WHDH) - Democratic presidential candidate and Minnesota Senator, Amy Klobuchar visited Nashua Community College Friday to roll out her plan that would make community colleges and programs that teach trades free of charge.

“What my plan would do is it would say let’s make sure we focus on those jobs and those degrees by having one and two-year degrees affordable — as in free.”

Klobuchar is a more moderate choice among the Democratic candidates. She said she does not support Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ plans to erase student debt and make four-year colleges free.

“I don’t think that hard-working people should have to finance rich kids going to college.”

The senator’s campaign got a boost after following her performance at the October debate.

Having now just qualified for the November debate, Klobuchar said she is confident that she will meet the even tougher standards for the next one.

“I meet every bar that is put in front of me,” she said. “That is what I have always done in my life.”

Klobuchar has struggled to break through to the top of the pack in New Hampshire polls.

She said this is her 16 trip to the state and she plans to spend more money and more time in the Granite State.

“We love it here. It reminds us very much of Minnesota,” the senator said. “People love sweaters, they stand out on a cold fall day without a coat on.”

When asked if she believed the Democrats should open up the impeachment hearings, Klobuchar replied that as time goes on that will happen but, for right now, they are just gathering evidence.

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