Humidity got the Heisman today as dewpoints crumbled into the mid 50s in many spots. There was a shower scare too as some thick clouds rolled through, but the wet weather just brushed Nantucket and went on its merry way.

Nothing but sunshine and dry air in the days ahead. We’ll extend the nice spell deep into the weekend before a couple of storms threaten on Sunday afternoon. My thinking is that the majority of them fire from Worcester west as the humidity climbs and a warm front approaches. It’s not cause to cancel plans and bring everything indoors, however, just normal garden-variety afternoon summer storms.

Heading into the weekend, sea breezes take command at the coast with this new airmass. Tomorrow we’ll be hard-pressed to climb above 80 at the beachfront. 80 should be a breeze on Saturday – even with the sea breeze – as the humidity climbs.

Next week is looming large in the stormy, wet department. The jetstream will be energized by a pool of cool air that drops down into the Great Lakes. Storm “trains” will line up across the Northeast (exactly where remains to be seen, but everyone has equal chances at this point) dropping tropical downpours on both Tuesday and Wednesday. Given this kind of setup, this situation will have to be monitored for possible flooding in New England and/or the Northeast.

In the meantime, enjoy the stretch of storm-free weather.


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