We are still cleaning up from Friday’s storm and already talking about the next one.  Its complicated.  First, its not just one storm, but a series of 2 or even 3 that will pass over or near the area early next week.  Second, there’s a big difference between "over" and "near" as we learned with Friday’s storm.  The track with this past storm changed about 150 miles in the 24 to 36 hours before the storm.  The result was the forecast changing dramatically from a few flurries to 6-12" of snow the day  before the first flakes fell.  As of Saturday morning, it looks like neither of next week’s systems will be a direct hit so to speak, more like a glancing blow.  If that’s the case, we might only get an inch or two from each storm, but add that up over a few days after a few rounds of snow, and we might end up with several inches.  However, since we are expecting this to come off and on over a few days, it won’t have the same impact as several inches of snow falling all at once, as was the case Friday.  Stay tuned though, because a slight change in the track of either system would change the forecast significantly.

In the meantime, back to cleaning up from Friday’s storm.  Temps warm to the mid and upper 30s Saturday afternoon so there will be some melting.  Temps Saturday night won’t be as cold as Friday night, but still below freezing in the mid to upper 20s.  So patchy black ice will be an issue once again early Sunday morning.  Sunday afternoon should be fairly mild with highs in the low 40s.  Don’t get used to that…most of next week will be colder than average, even by February standards. 

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