Now that was more fall-like. Highs average right near normal for the day. Thing is, there’s only enough "normally cool" air to last a day. And that day was today.

So that means the next few days will see a return to what we’ve deemed "the other normal" – highs in the 80s. However, this time around, the heat will be tempered, and once we make it back into the low/mid 80s it won’t get any warmer, thanks to the fact that the upper atmosphere only warms so much this go-round. In addition, the humidity should stay in check the entire workweek, creeping on us slowly and culminating in a somewhat sticky day by Saturday.

So where does this leave us with the drought? Recent rain was beneficial to the lawns, gardens and trees, but it really doesn’t cut the mustard in terms of putting a serious dent in the drought. Months-long rain deficits won’t be erased by one rainy weekend. And with more dry weather in the pipeline this week, we may be back in the same position as we were before the weekend.


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