No, not that boy band….rather only one direction of the wind gets me down….Northeast. It’s death for warmth in New England as that wind direction is straight from the Bay of Fundy/Gulf Of Maine and that’s what happened yesterday sending Boston (and other coastal towns) down into the 40s by evening! Today we can swing that wind direction from the southeast & south!

That southeasterly direction is still somewhat cool for coastal areas so Boston can plan on temps this afternoon around 62—still better than the 40s for much of yesterday afternoon! For locations farther inland, the southerly wind flow means temps will reach the upper 60s. Not too shabby considering we will still have a fair amount of clouds today. The other thing about that southerly wind is it will push the humidity upward over the next few days.

Overall, we are in an unsettled pattern and will be for the next 6-10 days so the chance of rain will be there pretty much every day but only 1 day appears washed—Saturday. A slow moving front crawls through New England during the day keeping us in widespread/steady rain until about 3-4pm (drizzle after that). Sunday will offer some sunshine but also a scattering of showers by mid afternoon.

Let’s hope this pattern heads in another direction by Memorial Day Weekend


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