One Final Day

Arctic air is on the move & it won’t be denied. Thankfully, it doesn’t arrive until after midnight tonight so any outdoor plans today will be met with seasonal temps—near 40 with a bit of a breeze. Now, the arctic front (leading edge of the arctic air) is bouncing into air that’s relatively mild (currently low 30s) and that bump/bounce process is leading to clouds & eventually some isolated snow showers this afternoon & evening. They won;t be widespread but they could briefly coat the ground when they move through.

Arctic air looks to arrive by midnight and temps will crash into the teens by early Tuesday morning and not move the entire day! Normally, arctic air is super dry & sunshine would at least be there for moral support but not tomorrow as a storm will begin to approach the region. At first, just clouds but by mid afternoon look for patches of light snow/flurries mid afternoon Tuesday but that snow will become steadier & heavier tomorrow evening & continue into early Wednesday morning. As of now it looks like a plowable snow for much of us with the heaviest amounts across southeast Mass & out onto the Cape/Islands. More on this storm through the day.

In any event, we hold onto the bitterly cold air for the rest of the week with another chance at some snow by Friday.