One For The Record Books

Just four short weeks ago tonight I was trying to figure just how low the temps would be on Valentine’s morning. Most towns ended up with their coldest readings in 60 years! (Boston had a low of -9) While today, I was playing golf with temps reaching the mid & upper 70s! (Boston reached 77). Now that’s quite a turnaround–one for the better I think is safe to say.

Reaching 70 feels like such an achievement for New Englanders—-a symbol that yes, it can be warm around these parts and more importantly, spring is close. Even in this mild winter, hitting 70 in March is fantastic and considering the past two years, March has been loaded with cold & snow this feels like an even better treat.

We don’t have 70s in the forecast again for a while but we are not going back into a cold & snowy pattern. What we will see is a cool front move into New England tomorrow. This front prevents a repeat of today but temps will be able to reach the mid & even upper 60s for a a few hours on Thursday. Unfortunately the front will bring clouds and rain to the region. It’s dry for the morning commute (and mild with temps in the 50s) but grab the umbrella as rain showers arrive midday and hang with us for much of the late afternoon and evening. Most towns pick up around ~.50" of rain tomorrow night.

On Friday, that cold front departs, taking the clouds & rain with it before 7am. This means sunshine is back & with no arctic air in the mix, temps will easily reach the mid & upper 50s by afternoon. We’ll be able to hold onto the sunshine 7 mild temps right into the weekend–near 60 on Saturday with 50s (40s coast) on Sunday. Just a smidge different than a month ago. #NoPolarVortex

Enjoy whats left of this fine early spring day.