Like it or not, Boston, this winter is now officially the snowiest winter evah! Those snow showers last night resulted in 2.9″ of snow for the city bringing the seasonal total up to 108.6″. The record itself is remarkable but the fact that 90″ fell in 30 days its what is truly amazing. That seasonal record may or may not fall in the coming years but that 90″ of snow in just 30 days will not happen again in our lifetime.

OK…..I wanted the record…I got it, now I’m ready for sunshine & 70s. It looks like I’ll have to settle for 40s this week but at least a fair amount of sunshine in order. That includes today with abundant sunshine on tap as well as light winds…..just about an ideal late winter day! St. Patrick’s Day offers clouds and even a few showers but despite the clouds & shower threat, our temps will still reach the upper 40s and even flirt with 50 for an hour or two. Those clouds & raindrops are tied to an arctic front which will blast into New England tomorrow night sending our temps downward for Wednesday. In fact, despite brilliant sunshine on Wednesday, our temps won’t even reach 30! Temps will moderate by the end of the week tho.


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