Funny how one pattern at oppo ends of the year can give you completely different results. The pattern has the jet stream grabbing air from southeast Canada and dropping it into New England for a few days. This happened with regularity during the winter & early spring. The result was miserable cold & wind. Fast forward 3-4 months and this same pattern (now taking shape) won’t deliver bitter wind chills but rather refreshing, comfortable air.

Getting into this fantastic summer weather will require a bit of patience this morning. We have some clouds & even some light rain back toward Connecticut. This weather system (a weak low pressure) won’t spend much time with us as a cool front from Canada drops into New England will send the clouds/showers out to sea by midday (bit later Cape/Islands). For all of us the afternoon is brighter than the morning, afternoon temps later today reach 80 (only 70 on the Cape/Islands).

For tomorrow and for several days beyond High Pressure is with us so the weather message is quite simple. Mainly sunny days, clear night (comfortable for sleeping), low humidity and seasonal temps (afternoon highs near 80). After all those Bitter Blasts this past winter I think we’ve earned this fabulous stretch of weather.

Enjoy your Thursday!


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