44!? That’s more typical of early March!

Tough to swallow, I know. You don’t have to look far to find the culprit: a stiff east wind off of cold ocean water (about 45 degrees – what a coincidence!) Don’t expect much of a change tomorrow either. In fact, it may be a little worse with the rain sweeping through. Speaking of, I’m expecting the first batch tonight to break up and slowly dissolve into drizzle by morning. Second round is the most significant and should come together tomorrow afternoon, night and early Thursday. Before you say “that’s a long spell of rain”, I’m not thinking it will amount to any flooding. Generally 1″ of water is expected from this storm as its forward speed will pick up later tomorrow and spare us a deluge. Models have been consistently backing off on amounts over the last few days, and I’m confident this will pan out.

With a shift in the wind direction comes a swift change in the forecast. We’re going for 60s (maybe near 70 if the sun pokes out) on Thursday as this system finally pushes through the region. Friday and Saturday are equally mild with a good supply of sun and a favorable west wind.



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