Orange Line operator off job after causing panic on train

BOSTON (WHDH) - An Orange Line train operator is off the job after MBTA officials said he reacted badly and caused panic on his train Monday.

Passengers said their train was stopped at the Massachusetts Avenue stop on the Orange Line when they smelled smoke. Others reported seeing smoke on the tracks, apparently caused by a brake problem with the train.

Passengers told 7News the train conductor then got on the loudspeaker and yelled for everyone to get off the train. Some said the announcement nearly caused a stampede as people rushed to get off the train, unsure what was going on.

The problem caused delays on the Orange Line early Monday evening. No injuries were reported.

Statement from the MBTA:

“Orange Line supervisors are going to have a long talk with this motor person, who has been removed from service. His reported conduct is unacceptable. The MBTA will take whatever actions are necessary to ensure that the motor person performs his duties in a professional manner at all times.”

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