Oregon deputy rescues driver having seizure

CORNELIUS, Ore. (WHDH) — An Oregon deputy working a routine traffic stop is being called a hero after he rescued a driver having a seizure behind the wheel.

Washington County Police Deputy John Cage had pulled over a speeding driver Saturday morning. After pulling the driver over, a woman pointed out a slowly-moving Suburban drifting into a driveway. The woman told Cage the driver was having a seizure.

Cage said the SUV was heading towards oncoming traffic so he ran over and hit the driver’s window several times to break it open. He then reached in and put the SUV in park, rescuing the driver.

The driver, found slumped over with his head nearly behind the passenger seat, was rushed to the hospital.

“It was super, super sad,” said Cage.

Cage said the driver later called him to let him know he was OK. He also thanked Cage for saving him.

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