Oregon teen frightens burglars from home

SALEM, Ore. (WHDH) – A teenager home alone managed to scare two burglars from her house when she heard them breaking in.

Jensen Clark, 18, was home on her day off from school when she heard footsteps on the deck. She said she assumed it was someone delivering something until she heard the floor creaking inside. The two suspects had broken into the house through the garage.

Clark ran into a bedroom and hid inside a closet. Within seconds, Clark said she heard one of the burglars enter the room and start rummaging through things. Clark had her phone with her and texted her mother, who relayed the information to a 911 dispatcher.

The suspect eventually opened the closet door and found Clark inside. That is when she took action.

“I stood up and said, you need to get out immediately,” said Clark. “If you leave my house right now, I’m not going to do anything, but you need to leave right this second. So they left.”

About 5 miles from Clark’s house, police found the male and female suspect and arrested them. In their car, police said they recovered several items taken from the home.

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