BOSTON (WHDH) - Major league sports are soon to be back in session but many are wondering if it is too soon.

Dr. Thomas Gill, a renowned orthopedic surgeon who has worked with both the Red Sox and the Patriots, told 7NEWS that of all the professional leagues, the MLB has the best chance of completing their shortened season.

This all coming down to the way the game is played.

“By definition, during the competitive phase of baseball, you’re social distancing and the closest someone gets might be the batter and the catcher,” he said. “The catcher behind a mask of sorts already. The batter is facing the opposite direction. So, when you’re on the field, I have very little concern of a lot of spread of the virus during the competitive phase.”

The biggest cause for concern would come from the clubhouse or locker room.

In terms of which league could be facing the most danger of COVID-19 transmission — it would be the NFL.

Gill said this is due to the fact that players cannot socially distance or wear masks.

His biggest recommendation to the league:

“I think of all the rule changes they could make, they’ve gotta think strongly about in season injured reserve for COVID. So what I mean by that is right now, if you get put on IR, you’re done for the season. That’s going to be a disincentive for a player to report symptoms…players are going to be much more likely to report symptoms if they know that isn’t going to lose their season by doing so.”

“I think that when you’re talking about largely young, largely healthy people, do I think it’s medically safe? I think there are ways for most sports, not all, to do it right now,” Gill said.

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