‘Out of nowhere’: Toddler nearly impaled by flying beach umbrella

(WHDH) — A toddler enjoying a family beach day in South Carolina was nearly impaled by a flying beach umbrella that was ripped out of the ground by a fierce wind gust.

Ashton Duggan told WJZY-TV that she was hanging out with her husband and young son at North Myrtle Beach in South Carolina when the umbrella was suddenly launched into the air.

Video taken at the beach showed the umbrella zip by Duggan’s son as he played in the sand, nearly impaling him.

“Out of nowhere this umbrella just flies and misses him probably by six inches,” Duggan told the news outlet.

The gust of wind lifted several other umbrellas into the air, as well, according to Duggan.

A woman at Ocean City Beach in Maryland was injured last summer when a flying umbrella pierced her chest.

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