Palmer HS students get sick after allegedly eating leaves from poisonous houseplant

Students from Palmer High Shcool got sick after apparently eating leaves from a poisonous house plant.

The ‘Mother of Thousands’ plant, also known as ‘The Devil’s Backbone’, is considered poisonous but has a low toxicity level.

Issac Lopez from Worcester said, “All of a sudden I saw everyone’s stories on social that people were eating plants and all that. It was just annoying.”

It is not clear why the students ate the plant, but some suspect it is some sort of dare, just like the infamous Tide Pod challenge.

Trevor Lamberton from Palmer said, “Around this age, in high school, it should be known what not to put in your mouth and obviously a plant is something you shouldn’t eat.”

The school’s superintendent says the students were evaluated by medical professionals with several ambulances arriving at the school out of precaution.

School officials say they are worried this could be part of a troubling trend.

Kerri Karnbach from Palmer said, “They’re doing all kinds of crazy things nowadays like I wouldn’t put it past it.”

The Palmer Police Department hasn’t confirmed exactly how many students were involved.

No word on how the students are doing.

No additional information has been released.

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