‘Panic mode set in’: Passengers evacuate Red Line train as sparks fly from underneath

BOSTON (WHDH) - Red Line passengers were left panicked and frustrated Monday night after sparks started flying from underneath a train at Broadway Station.

Rider Mike Rowell told 7NEWS that he was making his way to Government Center after eating in the South End when he heard some unusual noises.

“I started hearing a clapping, it was like a loud clapping,” he recalled. “I just figured someone was messing around with the train.”

He says when the train stopped, that clapping got even louder and he saw smoke and sparks.

“Everyone tried getting off the train as fast as they could. It was an in the moment type thing, I had to assist some people getting off the train and yeah, it was wild,” he said. “The panic mode set in, you know what I mean? Run or help, you know what I mean? Just make sure everything is OK. It sounds strange but that’s just how it happened.”

Passengers packed onto shuttle buses as the Boston Fire Department responded to the scene.

The MBTA says the train had a mechanical problem but did not go into further detail.

Regularly scheduled service has since resumed.

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