Parade of friends help Tewksbury father and daughter celebrate double birthday

TEWKSBURY, MASS. (WHDH) - Friends and family didn’t let the coronvirus put a damper on a Tewksbury father and daughter’s double birthday.

Rob and Gabriella Lentini share the same birthday, but weren’t able to have their usual celebration.

“We can’t have anything going on right now, so I figured well, let’s try to do something special,” said wife and mother Jenn Lentini

She put the call out to friends and family, who drove by the Lentini’s house in a honking, cheering birthday parade.

“It honestly meant everything to me, because I can’t see any of them right now, so it meant a lot,” said Gabriella, who turned 14. “I didn’t expect it at all. None of my friends said anything to me, and I was just shocked when they all drove by.

“We usually just have family and friends over and have a cake, sometimes go out for a special dinner, but we can’t do any of that today,” Rob said. “So this was pretty awesome.”

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