Parents angry after Marine tackles brawling students

Parents of students at a California high school are concerned after a Marine visiting the school tackled two kids to break up their fight.

Cellphone video shows the Marine, who was at the high school to help with recruitment, sprinting toward two students who were throwing punches at each other and knocking them to the ground.

School officials are investigating, and some parents said the Marine’s reaction was too intense.

“It was upsetting to see that someone would do that. I just think it was unnecessary force,” said Mario Patino. “This is a grown man who is extremely well-built. From the impact that you see, he took down these two kids without second thought and hurt them. That’s not okay.”

“An adult should never put their hands on [children]. They’re trained to handle situations in a different way,” said Sarah Savala.

But a military spokesperson said the Marine was taking necessary steps.

“He took action to break up the fight. He wanted to do what was right for the school and that was stand up against violence,” said United States Marine Corps Sgt. Jocelyn Ontiveros. “He’s learned from the situation about how to intervene in the future.”

The USMC says the Marine has been reassigned to office duties and will no longer be around students.