Parents say children excited to go back to class Monday, but student and teacher COVID-19 cases are on the rise

While parents said their kids are ready to go back to school, Massachusetts is seeing increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases among students and school workers as nearly all elementary schools will be required to re-open Monday.

State officials have ordered 90 percent of elementary schools to offer in-person learning Monday, with some cities — including Boston, Worcester, and Brockton — getting waivers for another two weeks. Desks will be spaced three feet apart, meals will be eaten in shifts or in classrooms, and everyone is required to wear masks.

But as some schools have already re-opened, COVID-19 cases have gone up. More than 1,000 cases were reported last week, including 800 students and 240 teachers and staff.

State officials said the disease is being transmitted at family events and after-school activities and not in classrooms. And parents said their kids are eager to return to school.

“She’s so excited, every day she told me ‘Mom, mom how many days until I go to school?’” Natalya Deych said of her daughter. “She was waiting for the day… and she was like… last Sunday, she was packing her bag already and preparing for school.”

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