Park officials issue warning about ‘zombie snakes’ that play dead

(WHDH) — Park officials in North Carolina are warning the public about a nightmarish creature that could go overlooked because of its odd behavior.

Similar to an opossum, the Eastern Hognose snake has a habit of playing dead when it’s actually very well alive.

The snake often rolls onto its back, convulses and then rests motionless with its tongue hanging out when threatened.

Other times, the creature will hiss and inflate its neck like a cobra to scare away predators.

Zombie snakes are not venomous and almost never bite but officials at the North Carolina State Parks and Recreation want the public to be aware of their existence.

“Instead of watching clouds to see if we can keep weekend weather on track, let’s play a game! Who is this “famous” NC snake? A cobra? A zombie snake? It’s a harmless one,” the department said in a Facebook post.

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