Made a decent run for the 40s this afternoon amidst a sunny backdrop. Although clouds took charge this afternoon, we still managed 41° in Boston – despite the sea breeze.

Unique setup in the first few hours of the night. With cold, dry air in place, some spots may see a change from rain drops to a wintry mix of sleet, snowflakes and snow grains. How does this happen? Well, without going into a Weather 101 sidebar, let’s just say the temperatures drop and the dewpoints rise to “meet in the middle” (somewhere near freezing). End result is a possible mixover or change to wintry weather.

Seeing how the heavier precipitation could get involved – and drag down colder air from above – I’m being a little aggressive with the wintry mix in the graphic above. Springtime storms of this nature are very tricky…and full of surprises.

Warmer weather is just itching to visit New England tomorrow, and (of course) the welcome mat is out. Showers depart, the sun busts through, and we’re off to the races. Well, kind of. Not shorts and t-shirts, but the familiar territory of mid/upper 50s. Nothing we haven’t seen, but certainly a sight for sore eyes.

After a weekend that sees some showers, more 50s, then a sharp cooldown by Sunday night, the pattern goes cold again. Questions still remain on the fate of a coastal storm next Wednesday. I’m not speculating this far out, but there is potential for snow in the weather maps.


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