Past The Peak

After yesterday’s (surprising?) heat–where Boston hit 89, Millis reached 90 I can safely say we have past the peak of this heat spell (no heat wave as 3 days of 90° heat not happening). We will still be way above our normal temp of 72° this afternoon but not quite as hot as that 89° yesterday. A continuation of sunshine occurs.

Your weekend weather is closing the books on one season and opening another. Tomorrow will be the warmer & more humid of the two weekend days as temps reach 80. In terms of sunshine, that gets off to a later start (don’t we all on weekends?!) due to some low clouds & fog forming tonight. In July, that overnight fog gets nerfed by the sun as early as 7am but here in September it takes longer (recall this past Saturday where clouds/fog didn’t break until 12pm). Long story short…great late summer day tomorrow—might be our last decent weekend beach day of the season.

The reason for that statement is a cool front that cruises through here early Sunday morning. This front will wipe out humidity as well as 80-degree temps for a while. Sometimes these fronts move through New England making a lot of noise, huffin-puffin with showers & storms but this one will slip through with only a few clouds early Sunday Morning. Dry, refreshing air for midday-afternoon on Sunday. Great for picking apples!