Patriots all business with Super Bowl on horizon

HOUSTON (WHDH) – The Patriots are all business per usual as they prepare to battle the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. The team understands the task at hand and knows how to embrace the big moment.

New England has played in three Super Bowls in the last six years. Atlanta has just one appearance its franchise history.

“We’re just having fun. We know what the Super Bowl brings,” Logan Ryan said. “This is what you play for.”

The Patriots arrived in Houston on Monday after a raucous sendoff at Gillette Stadium.

“I kind of know what to expect now,” Ryan said. “I just try and enjoy everything and don’t get too serious in a sense.”

Patriots practiced hard last week in Foxborough, but things are not changing now that they are in Houston, especially with Bill Belichick calling the shots.

“You guys know Bill. It’s all on his schedule. I’m just like a sheep,” Julian Edelman said.

The team may be serious, but players say they will find a way to enjoy the memorable moment.

“We’re trying to enjoy this. We’re still focusing when it’s time to nail down the game plan. We’ll go out and do that,” Ryan said.

Ryan is one of many players on the team that played in the team’s 2014 Super Bowl win.

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