Patriots answer ‘if I wasn’t a football player’

In the days before the Patriots first Playoff game this year it was mostly football, but the team took some time to lighten up and talk about what they’d be if they weren’t playing football.

Shane Vereen is aiming for the stars, he said he would be an astronaut.

Julian Edelman’s idea was maybe a little more realistic, he said he’d be a human cannonball.

“That would be awesome. He pretty much is on the field,” one fan said.

Rob Gronkowski, being the expected Gronk, said he would be a stripper.

“I could see Gronk as a stripper. That would be funny, that would be a sight to see,” Matt Jackson, a Patriots fan, said.

But the Patriots motto has been “Do your job” and fans agree.

“These guys are professionals. They do it do it well and that’s why we’re in the position we’re in now,” Erin Diette, a Patriots fan, said.

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