‘Patriots Day’ film crews shoot Watertown shootout scene in Framingham

Film crews were on scene in Framingham on Tuesday, filming a scene based on the shootout in Watertown that happened five days after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. 

Crews for the movie "Patriots Day" filmed in a Framingham neighborhood as Dorchester native and actor Mark Wahlberg reenacted one of Boston’s darkest chapters, filming the final showdown between police and the Tsarnaev brothers. 

Wahlberg plays fictitious Boston Police officer Tommy Saunders. Scenes from the shootout are being filmed on a residential street in Framingham because town officials in Watertown, where the shootout actually happened, decided it would be too painful to do it there. 

In the scenes filmed on Tuesday, police searched homes during the hunt for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. A replica boat could also be seen in a backyard, as crews filmed the scene. The movie filming took place exactly three years after the actual shootout in which Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured. 

"Patriots Day" was also on scene at the Boston Marathon on Monday, filming scenes with Wahlberg, who was seen dressed in full Boston Police gear at the Marathon finish line. 

Many of the extras in the film are current or retired Massachusetts police officers. Former Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, who is being played by John Goodman, stopped by briefly. He said he thinks the film will do a good job showing the heroics of the police and the victims. 

Dic Donohue, the MBTA Transit Police officer who was shot in the leg during the Watertown shootout, said the movie’s director and crew spoke with him before filming began.

"I’ve spoken with Peter Berg and members of the movie production crew and when I had that sitdown, the first thing they said was we want to be honest, we want to be accurate, we want to portray the heroism and the things that actually happened that day," said Donohue. The now-retired MBTA officer also reflected on the third anniversary of the shootout, saying he is lucky to be alive and is grateful for the people who saved his life.

A spokesman for the movie said all of the loud and violent scenes will be filmed not in a neighborhood but on a movie set in Weymouth. 

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