Patriots fans push ambulance out of mud during Super Bowl parade

BOSTON (WHDH) - Dozens of New England Patriots fans banded together during Tuesday’s Super Bowl parade to help free an ambulance that got stuck in the mud on Boston Common.

Video shared on Instagram by Christopher Marino showed a sea of fans pushing the ambulance from behind.

“The ambulance was trying to get through and people weren’t clearing, originally, and then they cleared a path for it,” Kylee McLaughlin, a witness, said. “People were jumping on it and pushing it to get through.”

Christina McLaughlin said the ambulance was “really stuck.”

“There had to have been thousands of people on the side, like us, clearing and helping it get through,” she recalled.

But the mud was no match for the City of Champions.

“It’s a very eye-opening thing, especially for teenagers and kids to see that there are people in the world willing to help and respect other people,” Madison McPherson said.

The ambulance was ultimately able to drive off on its own.

“Reason #1,486 why I love this city,” Marino wrote as a caption for the video.

In a Tweet, Boston EMS later thanked everyone who assisted the paramedics.


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