Bill Belichick as quizmaster? Patriots players say it’s actually their coach in his scariest role!

“He catches you every time he sees you not doing something he wants you to do,” Patriots corner Brandon Browner said.

Players have been talking about how Coach Belichick loves to ask his players obscure questions about their opponents; anytime and anywhere.

“He actually did catch me in the hallway whenever I was a rookie and he asked me a question a couple years ago about a play, I don’t remember which one it was, apparently it was a big play by a big player and I didn’t get it. It was kind of frowned upon by the other guys so I learned my lesson there,” Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower said.

“He’s caught me on a few questions. You just try and be as prepared as possible, that what you try and do,” Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich said.

Players said that’s the point. They’ve learned to be prepared for anything quizmaster Bill can throw at them.

“Bill knows everything about a team, from personnel of the coaching staff, the players, everything, by the end of the week we usually know it too,” Patriots Safety Devin McCourty said.

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