Pats reveal their game day superstitions

FOXBOROUGH, MASS. (WHDH) - We know the Patriots have the skills to take the super bowl trophy but what about their superstitions?

7’s Alaina Pinto asked some of the players what they do before every game to ease the nerves.

For Jimmy Garroppolo is starts with his feet.

“Always put the left shoe on first its good luck, really, it’s fact actually,” said Garoppolo.

And after the shoes are on Malcom Mitchell takes a lap.

“Well I got out an hour early and walk around the field twice just to take in the vibe of the games,” said Mitchell, “that is a ritual, yeah I do that every game.”

These rituals might do it for some Pats but for others they don’t need it.

“No I just come in listen to my music,” said Malcom Butler, “and get ready to play that’s all I do.”

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