What’s a workweek without a 60 (or 70) degree day? We did it again today as temperatures soared into the low 60s in many spots: 

That should do it for the week. Colder air is pouring in from the north, dropping our temperatures by 2-4 degrees per hour this evening! Granted, some of that is because the sun dropped over the horizon, some of that is the colder air oozing in.

Often our cold comes from the mid and upper atmosphere, but this time the chill is very shallow and focused on high pressure. When you’re under the big blue H on the weather map, conditions are ideal for radiational cooling – dropping our temperatures at night and making it hard to warm up during the day. (Sun angle is low, so there’s not much help there.) 

We’ve been aching all autumn for a wet pattern to kick in, but there doesn’t seem to be one in sight. Again this week, we have some decent rain moving in, but it’s nothing that would put a dent in the drought (see right). Reservoirs and streams remain low…and time is short before the cold sets in for good. 

Here’s hoping.


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