Peabody hockey teammates save man’s life after heart attack in locker room

PEABODY, MASS. (WHDH) - A weekly hockey game took a terrifying turn in Peabody last week when a man suffered a heart attack and collapsed in the locker room.

But lucky for Andy Ayers, a 50-year-old orthopedic surgeon, his teammates were there to spring into action and save his life.

“Feel very lucky,” Ayers said of the scary situation last Tuesday. “Very lucky.”

Ayers reunited with his teammates Tuesday for the first time since they helped save his life in the locker room.

“I heard him drop,” said teammate Chris Monteiro. “I saw him fall out of the corner of my eye.”

Monteiro said for five terrifying minutes, he and another teammate, Ken Fagan, rotated performing chest compressions on their friend.

Although neither of the men has a medical background, they managed to provide the emergency aid he needed.

“I’m really happy that he made it,” Fagan said.

Paramedics rushed Ayers to a nearby hospital, where doctors quickly opened up the blocked artery.

Now, the father of five is soaking up his second chance at life.

“I’m hugging my children and my wife and family and trying to enjoy every minute with them,” he said.

As for the teammates who helped him when he needed it most, Ayers said, “This was our greatest victory.”

Ayers says he hopes to be back on the ice in the next few months.

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