Peabody mother begging thief to return van with daughter’s medical equipment

PEABODY, MASS. (WHDH) - A mother from Peabody is calling on the thief who stole her family’s minivan with medical equipment for her daughter inside to return the vehicle no questions asked.

“I want to believe that my children are growing up in a community where things like this wouldn’t happen, but I don’t know,” said Marina Condon. “It’s just pretty sad. I have a pretty bitter feeling.”

Condon said she can’t believe someone would steal her keys and take off with her minivan.

But that’s what she says happened Thursday afternoon outside the Peabody Institute Library. And what’s worse, her 2-year-old daughter Arianna, who has spinal muscular dystrophy, had orthotic shoes and other equipment inside.

“That’s why we have a van. It’s for her,” Condon said. “She has nurses, one-on-one, who work with her. That’s why we got a van so she can sit with her and monitor her when we drive.”

Condon said she suspects someone took her keys when she went to the bathroom.

“To be honest, I just want my vehicle back with all the items in there,” she said.

The assistant director of the library said she was stunned to learn of the crime.

“I was shocked,” said Gerri Guyote. “I’ve been working here for 17 years, and it’s the first time anything like this has happened.”

Meanwhile, Condon is getting Arianna fitted for new shoes and says insurance will replace both the stolen equipment and the minivan.

“It’s kind of sad. It’s not a fancy car to get a joy ride. It’s a mom’s car (with) two car seats,” she said. “It also had a handicapped (placard) right in there on the dashboard that belongs to Arianna. I mean, it’s kind of sad.”

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