BOSTON (WHDH) - Memories of Queen Elizabeth II are flooding back to people in Massachusetts, including a man who received an award from her a decade ago.

MIT Dean Peter Hearst recalled what it was like to see and speak with Britain’s longest-serving monarch.

“I received an MBE award, a Member of the British Empire Award – which was given to me by the Queen in 2012 so I actually got to meet her in person and have a little chat with her, so this does feel personal,” Hearst said. “She’s very efficient in those public meetings. She’s very well-briefed and we had a short conversation. She seemed generally interested and was thrilled to get to meet all the people she got to meet.”

One Babson student who studied in England said that even though she didn’t meet the Queen in person, she admired the royal family from a distance.

“I got to be there for the Jubilee, so I got the chance to see the royal family in London,” Rui Diao said. “But it’s just very sad, and I think she defined an era.”

People across the world said the Queen was a steady figure to look to and count on.

“She has been there for the whole world, there for World War II, the Cold War and COVID, so she’s gonna be in our heart forever,” said Diao.

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