Hundreds of people signed a petition calling for the removal of an unusual seagull statue in New Bedford.

“Seagull Cinderella,” created by Boston artist Donna Dodson, depicts a seagull wearing a gown and made to look like a woman. It is on display on the city’s Seaport Art Walk but some residents want it out of New Bedford.

An online petition was started by a resident to get the sculpture removed, saying it “reflects poorly on our city.” Nearly 400 people signed the petition before it was closed.

“I’m not surprised some people didn’t like it,” said Dodson. “Everyone has a different opinion about art, art can be very personal.”

In response to the petition, a Facebook page called “We Love Seagull Cinderella” was created for people who enjoy the statue and want it to remain. Dodson said she hopes the controversy does not affect her or other artists who want to display their work.

Seagull Cinderella is a temporary exhibit in the Seaport Art Walk and is on loan until October.

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