Photographer saves two kittens trapped in fire

GRANDIN, NORTH DAKOTA (WHDH) —  Two kittens, just weeks old, were rescued from a fire in North Dakota.

The kittens, Pyro and Manny, are being called little firefighters.

Pyro and her brother Manny went unnnoticed after being born in an unusual place.

The two were inside a burn pile and a few weeks later it was set on fire, trapping them inside.

Photographer Carlos Pacheco stopped to capture the fire.

I walked over to get some different angles,” Pacheco said, “and I heard a cat meowing, and I kinda looked around and didnt see anything.  So i took a few steps back over to where I was, and it turns out the cat sort of blended in with the trees.”

Pyro was actually inside while Manny was nearby breathing in too much smoke.

Pacheco used a stick to pull out Pyro and scooped up Manny, putting them in a box and taking them to Cat’s Cradle to get emergency care.

Thanks to Pacheco, the two kittens are going to be okay.

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