Hopefully the storms/showers today weren't enough to ruin your summertime plans.  While the storms were feisty with some gusty winds and downpours, they were quick moving.  I kept tweeting – "Don't pack it in completely!"  It was one of those afternoons when the well-known phrase about weather in New England really rang true: "You don't like the weather? Just wait a minute.  It'll change." 

It did get a touch sticky this afternoon and evening, and Boston did manage to make it up to 90°.  For those of you waiting for our first "heat wave" since 2013 – close, but still no cigar.  Because the high was just 89° yesterday, we start from scratch… counting 1, 2, 3 days of 90° at Boston Logan.  Today would be day 1 at the beginning of a new stretch.  I don't think we'll make it there tomorrow – but more 90°+ days are in our immediate future.

Let's focus on tomorrow.  This is definitely the "pick day" of the weekend!  Sunny, as Sunday should be – but also lower humidity and temps not quite making it up to 90° (mid to upper 80s for highs tomorrow) – plus, we're not looking for any storms.  Beach day!  Enjoy.  Honestly, I can't believe it's August already, and I still haven't tried out a Stand Up Paddleboard (it's on my list).

Monday and Tuesday may be a little tough to get through.  Temps will be topping out around 90° on both days, and it will be humid.  The frizz factor goes from a "3" tomorrow, back up to a "I hope I'm not out of hair gel to start the work week" for Monday.  There is a BIG upper level low pressure system that's situated over Hudson bay, and all of the energy that is rotating around it will be controlling our weather for the next week.  Waves of energy will pulse through New England on Monday, bringing a chance for showers/storms.  Storms on Monday could be strong/severe, so we'll continue to track this.  

The really game changer is the cold front this system will push through, though the timing of it is still a little tricky.  It looks like a front will move through Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  Humidity is knocked out and temps are gradually knocked down.  If 90° has been too hot for you, just wait until the end of this week when temps fall into the upper 70s for highs!  

Make sure you grab the sunscreen tomorrow and enjoy making those summer memories that will carry us through the winter!  Because, remember; "Winter is coming."  (I really, really love Game of Thrones) – Breezy

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