Piece of ice shatters windshield of N. Reading ambulance

WAKEFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) - A piece of ice shattered the windshield of a North Reading ambulance in Wakefield on Wednesday.

Ambulance drivers said the ice fell off of a tractor-trailer before crashing into their windshield.

“It happened so fast. It came off the roof and before we knew it, it was right in the windshield,” said the ambulance driver,  Jon Burt.

The drivers had just dropped a patient off at the hospital and were exiting Route-128N in Wakefield when the ice flew off the tractor-trailer and landed on their windshield.

Nobody was injured.

With the possibility of more winter storms hitting New England, N. Reading officials hope this incident will serve as a reminder to all drivers that cleaning all snow and ice off their vehicles before hitting the roads is crucial.