Piece of wood falls on woman’s car on Huntington Avenue

A large piece of wood fell onto a driver’s car on Huntington Avenue on Tuesday night. 

The woman driving the car, Nancy Shapiro, says she was traveling under the Mass. Ave. overpass when a large piece of wood fell on her car. 

"There was a truck in front of me. He probably bumped up and down underneath the bridge. Then a 2 x 4 came down," Shaprio said.

Shapiro also said she thinks the truck hit some netting under the overpass dislodging the 2 x 4. Construction work is being done in that area. 

The wood never struck Shapiro. Instead, it hit her dashboard. 

Shapiro said she continued driving for about a block to get the truck driver’s attention and talk to him. 

Police are investigating how the wood became dislodged. 

A portion of Huntington Avenue was shut down for several hours Tuesday for inspection but has since reopened.

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