Plane collides with de-icing truck at Boston’s Logan Airport

BOSTON (WHDH) - A plane collided with a de-icing truck at Boston’s Logan International Airport Monday.

Officials said the wing of a departing Alaska Airlines plane clipped the truck, which was parked near the runway. Airline officials said the plane sustained minor damage to part of the aircraft’s left wing.

No injuries were reported in what officials called a “minor crash.”

Coles Voiard told 7News he heard a “loud noise” when the impact happened. He said the collision happened just as the plane was on the last stretch of runway before taking off.

Officials said the plane, which was travelling to Portland, went back to its gate after the incident. Passengers have since deplaned and most are spending the night in hotels.

The aircraft was taken out of service for inspection, according to the airline.

The flight was canceled and the airline said they are now working to re-accommodate the 166 passengers that were on the flight.