Play It Safe

As a kid, what would drive me Cra Z was when the forecast would advertise temps in the 50s & 60s with sunshine & then the next day clouds & 40s would rule. Grrrr…….that has stuck with me for like-ever & so now being one of the messengers I always am reminded of that when I see our models suggesting both clouds & warm temps in early spring. If you don’t have enough sun and enough of  a west wind to keep the sea breeze away, you can get skunked with temps…especially along the coast. It’s why my forecast is a bit more conservative than how I would normally play it.

Tomorrow has that risk as today’s clouds will be slow to erode and there isn’t enough of a west wind to break the clouds up & keep the chilly ocean air away…..haha…essentially , this blog is a #CYA for yours truly. If we see more sun than I think then temps will easily reach the 50s by afternoon but for this blog, I think clouds will keep temps close to 50—upper 40s along the coast. Dry for the day despite the clouds but showers march through southern New England after dark tomorrow.

Those showers are tied to a fast moving cool front that, ironically enough, will promote milder temps for St. Patrick’s Day. The front is not from Canada so no cold air and the front will set up a nice westerly breeze. That should allow temps to easily reach the upper 50s by afternoon. Clouds are still with us as a completely different system swings through here during Thursday afternoon. That system is likely to kick off a few showers but nothing like these past two days.

Friday we see yet another system–unreal, I know–that brings more clouds as well as showers and even a few snow pellets! This system is a cold front from Canada & it means business as temps will briefly reach 50 but they will slide into the 40s by late day. The air way up in the clouds will be much colder than 50 which is why some snow pellets (graupel or soft hail) are likely.

One last item before we part ways for our tacos……there are signals from our models that a winter storm may affect us late Sunday Night (well after the Southie parade) and into Monday. Too soon for any details but considering I already put my snowblower away for the winter means this storm is a lock to hit us (Thanks for jinxing us ,Pal)……more on this in the coming days.