(WHDH) — Offerings of financial assistance quickly poured in for a father who police say stole a carriage full of baby diapers after his credit cards were declined.

Police in Winter Haven, Florida, shared photos of the man in question on Facebook with a caption that read, “So when your card is declined and you try another one with the same result, that is NOT license to just walk out with the items anyway.”

Police say the man, who was with two young children, attempted to buy the diapers at a Walmart on Sept. 15 but his credit card was declined multiple times, prompting him to leave the items behind and exit the store.

The man then returned to the store without the kids, attempted to buy the diapers with a different credit card that was also declined, and walked out without paying for the items, according to police.

“He evidently left the children with someone outside because they are not with him the second time. He comes back in with a different card. That card was also declined several times. BUT… he decides to take the items anyway,” police wrote in the Facebook post.

Moments after the department shared the post, it was flooded with commenters directing criticism at police.

“This is a disgraceful post and an utterly obscene waste of public resources, leave this poor guy alone,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter stated, “Stealing is wrong, but going after a father who was just trying to meet the basic needs of his children is also wrong.”

Others offered to pay for the diapers so the father would not have to face charges.

“I’ll pay for his groceries and supplies!” one person wrote. Another added, “Please send me a bill for this man’s purchase and I will happily pay.”

After making contact with the shopper, police announced last week that Walmart agreed to sign a waiver of prosecution, meaning no charges will be filed.

Police noted that also offered assistance to the man but he declined their help.

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