PLUM ISLAND, Mass. (WHDH) —  Several homes on Plum Island suffered from erosion after strong winds and waves hit during the New Year Nor’Easter.

One home lost its seaside deck after the third high tide washed away the sand underneath turning the structure into pieces.

Plum Island residents fared much better than the storm in March 2013 which left several homes destroyed. Home owners were allowed to bring in huge rocks after the March storm.

“There is significant erosion thank goodness the rocks are here. “ said homeowner Stephen Batchelder. “If this hadn't been done this past spring there would be ten houses gone .”

Newburyport's Mayor Donna Holaday surveyed the damage and is pleased with the results from barrier the rocks created.

“It was a very intensive storm with the tides and the direction of the winds. We are very fortunate.” said Mayor Holaday.

Some Plum Island homes did suffer damage from erosion but no structures were destroyed.

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